11. March 2022

Cultural association "Linie 7" organizes event in Frechen

DIE PR-BERATER goes Frechen: Together with the cultural association "Linie 7" Ralf Schroeder organizes the release party of rapper "Kozarth" in Frechen with special support of Berivan Kılıç. The celebration on the occasion of the release of the album "JUNZ" will take place on March 18, 2022 at the "Hof der Häuser" at Burgstraße 45-49 in Frechen.


Inspiration and diversity: KOZARTH brings more artists and DJ sets

"From the life of a good-for-nothing, the last time out of life on Burgstraße ...that's the sub-line of the album - but hopefully not the last celebration on Burgstraße" says Schroeder, co-founder of "Linie 7".  "Either way, we want to celebrate where the fame began - in Frechen, on Burgstrasse!"


Drinks and food for visitors will all come from Frechen businesses. The event is free of charge, the offer is accessible to everyone.

DIE PR-BERATER are happy to support the realization of the corona-compliant release party in Frechen. Come by!

Find out more about the event and the cultural association Linie 7 on the Instagram channel linie7_frechen.
Photo Credits: Ralf Schroeder


Music event in Frechen in the Burgstraße

30. August 2021

Double reinforcement for DIE PR-BERATER

With Katharina Mattar and Luis Czilwa, DIE PR-BERATER is getting double reinforcement on board. Katharina is a native of Cologne and supports the team in the project the neue mitte köln (new centre cologne). She studies political science and English at the University of Cologne. Luis will be getting a taste of agency life for the next three months as an intern during his studies in political science.


Welcome to both of you!

14. June 2021


We have always known it and now it is official: DIE PR-BERATER is one of the top PR agencies in Germany!

This was the conclusion reached by 1,748 experts and clients surveyed by the magazine Business Punk and the data service provider Statista.


In the course of the survey, the participants were first asked to name up to ten PR agencies without further specifications and then to rate them. The central question: How likely would you recommend the named agency? The most often named and recommended 150 PR agencies received the award "Top PR Agency in Germany 2021". One of them is the Cologne-based PR agency DIE PR-BERATER, founded in 2004.

Business Punk gives an award to DIE PR-BERATER

05. May 2021

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: We are celebrating our 17th birthday today!

We have reason to celebrate: exactly 17 years ago today, Managing Director Thomas Müller founded DIE PR-BERATER in Cologne.


"We are looking look back on an exciting time with great projects. Whether Cologne, NRW, Germany or Istanbul, we've been able to master many exciting tasks and challenges over the past 17 years."

Today, for the 17th time, DIE PR-Berater is toasting its own birthday under Corona conditions, for the first time (also) virtually. The enthusiasm for all the future challenges and tasks that the next 17 years will bring remains unbroken.



15. January 2021

Great reinforcement: Christina brings a breath of fresh air to the team

Since the beginning of the year, Christina Heimig has been strengthening DIE PR-BERATER as an assistant in the Neue Mitte Köln (new centre cologne) project. The 24-year-old from Lindlar is currently studying culture, aesthetics and media at the HSD in Düsseldorf and, as a resident of Cologne by choice, enjoys above all the generous cultural offerings of our city. She wants to make the concept developed by architect Paul Böhm for a New Centre in Cologne take flight.


Welcome to DIE PR-BERATER, Christina!

Photo credit: Ruven Börger

16. December 2020

Regional agriculture? Yes, we do! From now on, DIE PR-BERATER are on board with Japanese premium meat

"From the region, for the region" – if you are searching for special treat, there is not a single way around the farm "Hof Schroeder" in the Lower Rhine region. Not even for DIE PR BERATER who will from now on accompany the sustainable rearing of Japanese Wagyu cattle in the nature reserve on the Altrhein arm.


Farmer Schroeder bought his first Wagyu cattle at an auction in Passau in 2017, since then the herd has grown to around 50 animals through purchase and breeding. "Agriculture needs to slow down and get closer to nature again. The slow rearing of the animals makes exactly that possible," says Schroeder.


Plenty of time, an ideal habitat and high-quality fodder are the formula for success of the family of Anne and Carsten Schroeder. "We sometimes wish we had such conditions for our daily business in crisis PR," says CEO Thomas Müller, commenting on the project with a wink. "Great web design, by the way! Lucky for us, the creative mind behind the design is with Ralf Schroeder one of our own.”



Here you can find the website of Hof Schroeder.

Foto Credits: Ralf Schroeder

16. September 2020

DIE PR-BERATER count on promotion of the wheelchair basketball players of the Cologne 99ers

Now, DIE PR-BERATER is also involved in professional sports: In the context of a pro bono commitment, we from now on support the wheelchair basketball club RBC Cologne 99ers in their public relation activities and media work.


The Cologne 99ers are engaged in professional and popular sports. The first squad currently plays in the second wheelchair basketball national league (RBBL2) and is trained by the renowned coach Matthew Foden. Their goal of the season starting in October: promotion, of course! The Köln 99ers also take part in several other leagues in Germany. At the same time, the club is also actively involved in the promotion of young talent, for example with the so-called Rollis-Rookies and offers an inclusive range of sports activities for children with and without handicaps through its own project "Rollis@School". Through the project, schools can offer an inclusive wheelchair basketball club, training is provided by the coaches of the Köln 99ers.


Managing director at DIE PR-BERATER Thomas Müller is looking forward to the cooperation:


The RBC Cologne 99ers is an extraordinary basketball club that combines professional sports and innovative inclusive projects for children, teenagers and adults under one roof. We want to support the club to become even better known in Cologne and beyond and are looking forward to the new task.

Click here for the website of the Köln 99ers.


Photo credit: Gero Müller-Laschet

02. September 2020

German Bild Zeitung asks PR expert about current election advertising

Cologne's mayor Henriette Reker shines with unusual election advertising: a huge Street Art painting with the politician's face is displayed on a wall in the southern part of town. PR expert and managing director of DIE PR-BERATER Thomas Müller was recently interviewed by the Bild Zeitung about his assessment.

Cologne's mayor Henriette Reker shines with unusual election advertising: a huge Street Art painting with the politician's face is displayed on a wall in the southern part of town. PR expert and managing director of DIE PR-BERATER Thomas Müller was recently interviewed by the Bild Zeitung about his assessment.


In the interview with the Bild Zeitung, Müller praised Reker's extraordinary election advertising. The iconization of politicians has a long tradition especially in Latin American countries. This, he says, is nicely taken up in the Street Art painting. Click here for the whole article. 

28. August 2020

DIE PR-BERATER stage successful Slimmers

Hair and make-up are in place, the outfits are to the point, frenzy of flashing cameras everywhere - on behalf of Cambridge Weight Plan, DIE PR-BERATER and its production team put the new me of the successful customers of the diet program in front of the camera.

Hair and make-up are in place, the outfits are to the point, frenzy of flashing cameras everywhere - on behalf of Cambridge Weight Plan, DIE PR-BERATER and its production team put the new me of the successful customers of the diet program in front of the camera. The initial shyness was quickly overcome and all participants developed real model qualities. And of course, they had a lot of fun!


"Especially concerning the sensitive topic, the mood on the set is a very important factor in taking great pictures," says project manager Guido Balke. But with the well-coordinated team of photographers, stylists and make-up artists, the ice is quickly broken. The participants, for whom the day is of course a very special experience, visibly feel comfortable in front of the camera.


DIE PR-BERATER support The 1:1 Diet, as the diet program will be called in Germany from October 1 after a comprehensive rebranding process onwards, in brand positioning in Germany and Austria.


"An exciting client, on whose behalf we have already carried out a wide variety of projects. Here we can play out the many facets of our agency".


Apart from the regular photo shoots, DIE PR BERATER are responsible for various marketing measures for the brand development of the British customer and carry out press and media work strategically and pointedly, both online and offline.


"A beaming smile in front of the camera and a satisfied customer - what more could you ask for", Guido Balke summarizes the one-and-a-half day shoot on the set in Cologne.

10. February 2020

PR expert for cannabis-based drugs

In the current issue of the German trade journal Pharma Relations our senior consultant Guido Balke was interviewed as an expert in pharmaceutical marketing. Under the headline "Blooming prospects" Balke talks in detail about the market for cannabis-based drugs and highlights the opportunities and risks involved in marketing them.


About three years after the new medical cannabis law came into force in Germany, often doctors are still uncertain about the correct use of the new medication – especially concerning cannabis flowers. "That’s not surprising, as there are currently about 50 to 60 different varieties on the market, all with varying levels of psychoactive THC and relaxing CBD. Not to mention the other cannabinoids and terpenes," Balke explains.


According to Balke, correct communication with the target groups is therefore all the more important. You have to provide doctors in particular with practice-relevant information that answers questions about the mode of action, suitable indications and patient care. At the same time, however, practical questions about prescriptions, billing and reimbursement must also be dealt with.


Moreover, the expert for healthcare communication also points out the special features of marketing the new drugs and explains the differences to the usual pharmaceutical communication: "Compared to the classical pharmaceutical market, we have many legal grey areas and basically more freedom here. At the same time, we have to observe in our communication not only the drug advertising law but also the Federal Narcotics Law".


This also affects the marketing for pharmacies. These play a decisive role in the supply of patients with cannabis-based drugs, but, according to Balke, have not yet recognised the economic potential of this therapeutic option: "Generally, the interest is very high among pharmacists. But of course there are also fears of contact and prejudgments on sides of the doctors. For example, some don't want to get into the "dirty corner" and attract the wrong clientele."


The predictions are promising. According to Balke, some assume that approximately one per cent of the German population is eligible for the prescription of cannabis-based drugs. That is approximately 800,000 people. "So the gold, or better green rush, is far from over," says Balke.

The article was published in Pharma Relations 01-02/2020 and also online via this link.

Guido Balke as an expert in pharmaceutical relations