Crisis Communication

The only way to deal with a crisis is actively. Successful crisis communication calls for an extensive analysis of the entire situation. Not only do all information and facts need to be gathered, but also all stakeholders who have a direct or indirect interest in the case.

Mistakes, malicious rumours, unforeseeable accidents or competition-distorting attacks from competitors – a crisis can have many triggers and many causes. That is why it is essential to be able to analyze situations quickly and thoroughly, develop possible courses of action, and then act quickly and consistently according to the scenario.

Clear facts are the foundation of successful crisis communication. This is important not only for the description of the current state of a crisis but also for its solution strategies. Crucial questions need to be answered: What is correct? Who is responsible? What has to be admitted? What can be interpreted in a different way?

What we offer is to help you analyze a problem objectively, select the right possible courses of action and put them into practice. And that applies in internal as well as external communication. We can also help you draft avoidance strategies. The task of active crisis communication is not to be pressed by judgements and solutions for your own company created by the public debate, but to shape them actively in your own interest.