12. Mart 2019

DIE PR-BERATER @ ARGE Building Law Conference

The 53rd Building Law Conference took place in Hamburg on 8 and 9 March. The conference is organized by the working group on construction law (ARGE Baurecht) of the German Lawyers' Association (Deutscher Anwaltverein). DIE PR-BERATER made sure that this time around 300 construction lawyers from German-speaking countries were present in Hamburg.


Renowned experts of their subject lectured on complex legal questions, as for instance the asserting of supplements based on the up-to-date legislation or the claim for damages on a fictitious basis. In addition, judges of the Federal Court of Justice are always among the speakers at the conferences.


"In addition to the training aspect, the conferences form a perfect framework for expanding one's own network. This is what we focus on when acquiring participants," explains project manager Guido Balke. "Especially the young lawyers know many of the 'big names' from the spines of their study literature. They can directly get in touch during the conference."

Since 2014, DIE PR-BERATER has been advising the largest professional organisation of lawyers specialised in building law in Europe on marketing and communication matters. In addition to press and media work, internet presence, newsletter and member marketing, this also includes the promotion of the building law conferences which take place twice a year.

Building Law Conference by ARGE-Baurecht

Building Law Conference by ARGE-Baurecht

06. Şubat 2019

Donations need for Müngersdorf memorial

As a Cologne-based company, DIE PR-BERATER supports the initiative of civil association Köln-Müngersdorf and the NS-Documentation Centre to erect a dignified commemorative site at the former deportation camp Köln-Müngersdorf. So far, only a neglected foundling reminds of the more than 3,000 deported Jews from Cologne and the surrounding area. Now, a new memorial site to recall the Nazi crimes committed at this place is to be erected in a way that is clearly perceptible for all Cologne’s townspeople. More information can be found here.

"Thanks to the memorial site, Cologne's citizens and visitors will be able to remember the atrocities that took place in Müngersdorf in an appropriate manner," emphasizes Thomas Müller, CEO of DIE PR-BERATER. "We appreciate the commitment of the civil association and are eager to help.”

DIE PR-BERATER support the project pro bono with their expertise in communicative services.


Who wants to support the project financially, can do this via the following donation account:


Recipient: Bürgerverein Köln-Müngersdorf e.V.

IBAN: DE16 3705 0198 0001 9023 94

Intended use: Gedenkort

(For the donation receipt, please provide your name and address!)

A "road of remembrance" is built in Cologne-Müngersdorf

04. Şubat 2019

DIE PR-BERATER stage the "new attitude to life"

Alexandra, Andrea and Heike have together lost 67 kilos! Their secret to success is Cambridge Weight Plan. On behalf of the British diet provider, DIE PR-BERATER invited the three "supermodels" to a photo studio.


At the studio, a professional team of photographers, stylists and make-up artists welcomed the three candidates. The professionals succeeded in creating an atmosphere in which even newcomers could feel at home right from the start.


This positive mood comes to the fore in the photographic results. In addition to the classic ‘after’ photos of the individual participants, which document the women's new attitude to life, the agency produced further images for CWP’s brand communication.


How important and successful these photos are for marketing purposes, one could see at the newsstand the same day of the shooting. Two women's magazines published other success stories of women who had lost weight with Cambridge Weight Plan. Both magazines used the pictures we produced earlier this year.


The photo shootings are an important part of the comprehensive communication and marketing measures that DPR has been developing for the diet provider for years. After the successful implementation in the German market, the agency concentrates on ongoing press and medium work as well as on constant topic development and media cooperation in the meantime. Project manager Guido Balke is therefore enthusiastic even after years of cooperation:

"CWP is a special client. The subject of losing weight is constantly changing and has never been as relevant as it is now. The freedom and trust placed in us, we are paying back with proactive and creative communication work."


25. Ocak 2019

DIE PR-BERATER start congress tour

For our client Wayland, a manufacturer and distributor of cannabis for medical and non-medical purposes, DIE PR-BERATER will also be on the road in 2019 at various trade fairs and congresses. This year's MEDIZIN in Stuttgart, taking place from 25 to 27 January, marked the start of the congress tour.


Also present was our new colleague, pharmacist Gudrun Müller-Neese, who supports the team with her pharmaceutical expertise.

"We are delighted to be able to go on a congress tour for our client the second year in a row. The direct exchange with our specialist target groups is practically priceless", says Katharina Klein from "Team Wayland" at DPR.


MEDIZIN combines a classic trade fair with a physicians' conference and events around the healthcare system. Exactly the right environment for medical cannabis: A study conducted by DocCheck Research on behalf of Wayland showed that six out of ten general practitioners find cannabis a useful therapeutic option. Nevertheless, more than half of the respondents have never issued a prescription for medical cannabis. Therefore, it is all the more important that our colleagues inform the 11,000 trade fair visitors about the therapeutic potential of cannabis.


However, MEDIZIN is just the beginning: Our congress team will be attending many more congresses and events on the topics of health and pharmacy this year.

Congress tour starts @ MEDIZIN 2019

23. Ocak 2019

Pharmacist complements DIE PR-BERATER

Since the beginning of 2019, Gudrun Müller-Neese supports DIE PR-BERATER. The experienced pharmacist dares the jump into the agency life in order to become acquainted with a new working environment after 26 years in pharmacies.


As a pharmaceutical advisor, she stands our customers from the Health Care industry competently aside. Already at the end of this week, the Bonn native will be representing Wayland at MEDIZIN 2019 in Stuttgart. 

22. Ocak 2019

DIE PR-BERATER expand Kölner Kulturpatenschaften

DIE PR-BERATER are deeply rooted in Cologne: This is why we are commited to Cologne’s cultural landscape. Since 2011, DIE PR-BERATER are working pro bono as part of the "Kölner KulturPaten e.V." (Cologne’s Culture Godparents).


This association aims to encourage the exchange of knowledge between Cologne’s cultural scene and local companies. It is a collaborative project of the culture department of the city of Cologne, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and the Kölner Freiwilligen Agentur e.V. (Cologne’s Volunteer Agency) under the patronage of Cologne’s mayor Henriette Reker.


For over eight years, the agency supported the "Simultanhalle – Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst" (Space for Contemporary Art) in Cologne-Chorweiler as part of their first "godparenthood". Starting from classical press work and media workshops up to the relaunch of a new website: DIE PR-BERATER helped the team of the Simultanhalle with their expertise in public relations.


In 2019, new exciting projects are yet to come: This is why DIE PR-BERATER already participated in the last "Kulturpatenwerkstatt" (Cultural Patronage Workshop) in late 2018. This Workshop aims to bring together a variety of projects of culture, art, dance, and theatre with experts from companies located in Cologne that would like to engage themselves in the art sector.


Today, DIE PR-BERATER met with Claudia Bleier, the project manager of "Kölner KulturPaten e.V." to tackle new projects.

In 2019 the agency will again support a project rooted in Cologne’s cultural landscape.

You will find out more about our new project here soon!

05. Aralık 2018


The Marketing Club Köln-Bonn hosted a panel discussion on the subject of "Truth or Lies? How companies can survive in times of fake news". Thomas Müller, CEO of DIE PR-BERATER, took part.

The agency "Zum goldenen Hirschen" in Cologne invited to the discussion that focussed on questions such as: Are there more lies today than there used to be? Should companies deal with false media reporting on them? If so, how? What are successful defence strategies? How can companies act preventively?


Three experts exchanged their opinions on that issue: Philipp Keller, Managing Director of the agency "Zum goldenen Hirschen", media and press attorney Professor Ralf Höcker, and crisis communication expert Thomas Müller. All three panelists agreed that it is particularly important to act quickly in times of crisis. To ensure that lies are revealed quickly and do not spread uncontrollably through all information channels, possibly across countries, false reports should be slowed down at an early stage.


Höcker stressed that legal strictness is required when it comes to a genuinely false report. Every media house has its own agenda. This leads to the fact that the press spreads untrue information on a regular basis. In such cases, the company should contact an attorney as early as possible. According to Höcker, even the guiding principle "The Internet never forgets" is not irrefutable.


Hirsch and Müller, on the other hand, agreed that a company has to counter false reports consciously instead of arrogantly dismissing them. “The point is to tell the story anew”, says Hirsch. In this way, a new storytelling could emerge from a false report. Müller emphasized that this is particularly important because fewe attacks are based on a justiciable lie, but on slanderous allegations that are protected by freedom of expression. Or the lies are published anonymously. Here, it only helps to stress one’s own story to question and attack the reliability of the opposite side.  

According to the crisis PR expert, emotions are the key to success.

In times of false reports, media such as texts, images, animations, and films must be conceived in such a way that they convince and move the public.


Around 40 experts, particularly from the marketing sector, contributed to the lively discussion with the three experts. Even though the basic direction seemed the same, each of the three experts would encounter false reports with different methods.




The Cologne-Bonn Marketing Club is an established network of marketing experts. Lectures, discussions, network meetings, and general meetings take place regularly. Non-members can also participate in the events for a fee.

More information on this event can be found here.


From the left: Thomas Müller, Prof. Ralf Höcker, Holger Geißler, Philipp Keller

Falschmeldungen schnell und entschieden entgegentreten

How to fight fake news

06. Haziran 2016

Bursa'da fabrika açılışı

İstanbul merkezli DIE PR-BERATER Ekibi, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (Freudenberg Sızdırmazlık Teknolojileri) firmasına ait yeni fabrikanın geçtiğimiz Cuma gerçekleştirilen açılışına başarılı bir şekilde eşlik etti.

Sızdırmazlık ürünleri üreten bu uluslararası firma, yeni fabrikası ile, yaklaşık 12.000 metrekarelik bir alanda 10 milyon Euro civarındaki bir yatırıma imza atmış oldu. Resmi açılış törenine ekonomi ve siyaset dünyasından 200’ü aşkın konuk katıldı. Bunların arasında yirmiden fazla basın temsilcisi de yer aldı. Bu etkinlik, ayrıca ülke çapındaki haberlerde de yer aldı.


CEO Claus Möhlenkamp basın reportajı


DIE PR-BERATER tim İstanbul

03. Mart 2015

PR Report Award 2015 adayı

DIE PR-BERATER ajansı 30 kişlik bir jüri tarafından PR Report Award 2015 ödülüne „Essentials: Uluslararası İletişim“ kategorisinde aday gösterildi. Uluslararası konum pazarlaması için geliştirdikleri konsept ile „Germany at its best: Nordrhein-Westfalen“ jüri üyelerinde derin bir intiba bıraktı.

„Germany at its best: Nordrhein-Westfalen“ kampanyası Batı Avrupa, Kuzey Amerika, Türkiye, Çin ve Japonya’dan yatırımcılar çekmeyi hedeflemektedir. Jüri bu kampanyayı Almanya’nın en önemli hakla ilişkiler ödülü PR Report Award 2015 için Uluslararası İletişim kategorisinde en iyi 5 adaydan biri olarak seçti.

2011 yılında başlatılan „Germany at its best” kampanyasıyla Kuzey Ren Vestfalya eyaletinin ekonomik destekleme kurulu NRW.INVESTAlmanya’nın dünyadaki güçlü imajından yola çıkarak bölgeye yabancı yatırımcılar çekmeyi hedeflemektedir. Alanlarında öncü kuruluşlar, kurumlar, araştırmacılar ve halk internet sitesi üzerinden kampanyaya katılmaya davet edilmişti. Kazananlar Kuzey Ren Vestfalya Ekonomi Bakanlığı tarafından „Germany at its best”  belgesi ile ödüllendirildi ve bu ödülü kendi tanıtım çalışmaları için kullanmaktadırlar. Bugüne kadar bu belge ile ödüllendirilen katılımcı sayısı 300 kişi ve ajansa ulaşmış bulunmaktadır. Bu kampanya çerçevesinde ödül kazananlar Batı Avrupa, Kuzey Amerika, Türkiye, Çin ve Japonya’da – yatırımcıların avantajları ön planda tutularak - ekonomik ve siyasi karar mecralarına seslenirken çok sayıda farklı kanalda tanıtılmaktadırlar. Son anketlere göre dört yıl içinde Kuzey Ren Vestfalya eyaletini hedef grubuna tanıtmak başarılmış ve NRW markası prestij kazanmış durumdadır.

PR Report Award 2015 ödülünün kazananları 16. Nisan 2015 Berlin’de Kraftwerk mekanında ilan edilecek. Die PR Berater ajansının yöneticisi Thomas Müller ““Germany at its best” kampanyasıyla Japonya “Nikkei Advertising Award 2011” ödülünü kazandıktan sonra PR Report Award 2015’te de uluslararası iletişim kampanysında ilk beş kampanya arasında bulunmaktan mutluluk duyuyoruz” dedi.

24. Ocak 2014

DIE PR-BERATER ajans IWF'i destekliyor

DIE PR-BERATER 'International Women's Forum’u (IWF) 'World Cornerstone Conference 2014' organizasyonunda sponsor olarak destekliyor. 21 ile 23 Mayıs 2014 tarihleri arasında düzenlenen bu kongrenin hedefi, IWF’in üyelerinin önemli sosyal sektöründeki yöneticilerden bilgi kazanmaları.

Uluslararası ilerleme, Ekonomi, Ekoloji ve sürdürülebilirlik gibi çeşitli konulardan oluşuyor. „World Cornerstone Conference“ her yıl başka yerde düzenleniyor ancak seçilen bölge dünya çapındaki gelişim için cok önemli olması.

IWF dünya çapında ve bir çok alanda üst düzey pozisyonlarda ve insanlara hizmet için odaklanmış olan kadın yöneticilerini  destekliyor. Benzeri olmayan bu küresel birleşim yöneticilere kendilerini iletişim, fikir alılşverişi ve karşılıklı ilhamlarını geliştirebilmesini sağlıyor.