14. July 2016

Visitors from New York

Today, DIE PR-BERATER welcomed 26 graduates of the Metropolitan College New York (MCNY). The German American Chamber of Commerce had requested a meeting to give the MBA-students an overview of the work of an international agency in Germany. The project managers Marijan Kojic and Guido Balke presented the different aspects of the agency’s work and gave insight into some of the campaigns running. The focus was on the international and intercultural orientation of the Cologne-based agency. The MBA students showed high interest and raised a range of questions.

“To present our international work in front of an international audience is always interesting”, says Marijan Kojic. “Nevertheless, we were not able impress with our international orientation, which we perceive as something special in Germany, because Multiculturalism is natural in New York.”

At the end, Director of Studies Dr Tilokie Depoo surprised the two public relations specialists with a vitreous trophy and a model of a New York cab to express the group’s appreciation of the insights and hospitality.

The study trip („Field Practicum“) is part of the curriculum of the extra-occupational master program “Business Administration” at the MCNY. The goal is to get insights into the German economy, the working procedures and the professional surroundings of the companies visited. Following Frankfurt, Cologne is the second stop of the MCNY-Group. The agenda included a.o. visits at DHL, Deutsche Bank and 4711.