• Designing a new name and a new logo for the former LEG urban development

After the sale of LEG and the separation from the former LEG urban development a new name and a new logo were required. Both were supposed to show the proximity to the NRW state companies, but at the same time they were to document the restart as well as to make this restart plausible towards longtime partners. Particularly a reference to the organization`s field of activity was supposed to be included in the design.


The solution: The name refers directly to both aspects of the organization - the relation to the state (NRW) and the field of activity (URBAN). Thereby it is short and concise and fits into the name logic of the other state companies. The specific task as a state company was made apparent by the logo`s subline ("Partner for State and City"), which creates a reference for longtime partners.

The logo in its basic composition is based on the design of the NRW.BANK, which has also been the inspiration for the development of the appearance of the affiliated companies NRW.INVEST and NRW.INTERNATIONAL.

About NRW.URBAN: The company develops concepts in the fields of urban regeneration, land recycling and building area development.