GermanFashion Association


  • Concept and realisation of Opening Fashion D.

The new central opening event of GermanFashion Modeverband and fashionnetwork on the occasion of the Igedo Fashion Fairs took place on 31st of January 2009 at the Düsseldorf airport. It was to generate added attention for the fashion location Düsseldorf.


Opening Fashion D included the ModeMedienpreis 2009 (fashion media award), the opening party for the Igedo Fashion Fairs and three fashion shows. With the concept DIE PR BERATER sought out the perception break from the classical, often very dignified upmarket galas and award ceremonies in the Düsseldorf fashion scene. An important element was selecting and the design of the industry-like appearance of the location "Station Airport", adjacent to the Düsseldorf airport runway. We were also responsible for the design of all media (website, entry tickets, video clips, multimedia animations), for the stage programme and the realisation of the event. About 700 guests enjoyed the cocktail of award ceremony, fashion show and party.