German Federal Ministy of Education and Research


  • Raise the awareness of the education bonus and of the continued education means in the broad public and in selected target groups (migrants and certain professions)

On behalf of the German Ministry for Education and Research and the lead partner at the German Aeronautic and Aerospace Centre, DIE PR-BERATER developed a plurality of measures to make the promotion programme for continued education more known.


DIE PR-BERATER created press folders for possibilities of further education for selected professions and target groups. They organised Call-In-actions with the media and consulted Editors with experts. Furthermore DIE PR-BERATER conducted various Ethno-marketing actions, which were especially aimed at Turkish speaking and Russian speaking target groups.
The press and media work reached a media-resonance of more than 190 million contacts within one year and contributed to the fact that the number of granted education vouchers in 2010 (63,000) increased nearly nine-fold compared with 2008/2009 (7,100).