DITIB - Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs


  • Create awareness of the position of Muslims regarding the general attacks by Ralph Giordano in the mosque construction debate in Cologne

In 2007 DIE PR BERATER, within the scope of a pro bono engagement, supported the public relations work of DITIB (Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs), in particular in the often polemic debate about the mosque construction in Cologne-Ehrenfeld - and the integration of Muslims in Germany. Occasion for the photo appointment in particular were the attacks by Ralph Giordano, an intellectual living in Cologne, who across the board accused all Muslims living in Germany of being unable to integrate.


The action was to generate attention for the fact that this polemic itself is not directed towards an anonymous group of people from a different faith, but towards fellow citizens who to a large extent have grown up in Germany. Their feelings were to be introduced in this very emotional discussion as an antipole. With a photo appointment on the occasion of a protest march of Cologne youth with Turkish background against Giordano`s polemics this aim was effectively realised and a higher readiness for fair discussion was achieved.