Chemiepark Knapsack


  • Ongoing development of location marketing and strategic repositioning of Chemiepark Knapsack

Chemiepark Knapsack in Hürth is a chemicals park on a total area of 180 hectares and the source of basic materials for many everyday products. Together with the client, DIE PR-BERATER identified the strengths of the location.


The focus was ongoing strategic development of the chemicals park as a location for international companies, with the aim of attracting new investors from Germany and abroad. The first step was for the agency to develop a new brand profile that clearly defines Chemiepark Knapsack in the highly competitive environment of the chemicals industry in North Rhine-Westphalia.

This jointly developed profile was taken as a basis for further activities, including revising the corporate design, strategic press and media relations work, theme-setting, and design and programming of a new website.