Cambridge Weight Plan


  • To devise a PR strategy for the client’s market development activities in Germany

Cambridge Weight Plan is one of the most successful programmes for weight loss and sustainable weight control worldwide. DIE PR-BERATER prepared the ground for development of the market in Germany and supported the client in implementing a variety of marketing activities.


In a joint workshop with the British client, the agency developed a core strategy for building the market in Germany. The central challenge is sales development. The company markets its products exclusively through direct sales. The idea behind this approach is to continually give each client individual advice and support so that, once they have reached their chosen weight, they are able to maintain it in the long term. However, direct marketing creates a bottleneck that limits the availability of the products. For that reason, the first job at the beginning of the marketing communication is to initially prepare market development with a focus on recruitment, marketing materials and online communication. The agency additionally supports market development with strategically appropriate press and media relations work.