Architect Paul Böhm


  • To protect the client’s reputation with professional management of press enquiries and development of a factual defence strategy

In October 2011, DITIB, the organization that commissioned construction of Cologne Central Mosque, parted company with the acclaimed architect Paul Böhm. There were various motives for the decision, but DITIB was keen to reduce the debate surrounding apparent architectural mistakes.


The agency immediately established itself as the press and public relations office for the client and was able to sort, filter, channel and process the many press enquiries coming in. At the same time, it worked with the client, the client’s legal team and other experts to develop a defence strategy based on the facts. The purpose of this strategy was to identify the essential facts from the large volume of information. An open communication strategy towards decision-makers and the public helped to keep the architect’s good reputation intact. Star architect Paul Böhm has now resumed work on completion of this impressive building.